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LED mining lamp

  • LED mining lamp
  • LED mining lamp
Model No.︰BT-D015
Brand Name︰BEST
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 21 / pc
Minimum Order︰100 pc
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Product Description

KLJ4LM(A) is a new type of miner's lamp. It based on the power supply which is Li-ion storage battery, and its lamp-house is LED semiconductor illuminance.
1) Product Specialty:
1. Power supply is Li-ion battery closed power. It has the characteristics of maintenance-free, high-energy, longevity of service, light-weight, no leakage, environmental protection and safe.
2.. Used two different lightness’ LED lighting inside the lamp. It could switch by the switch, and the subsidiary lighting can continue to use for more than 15 hours.
3. The new type of miner’s lamp is maintenance-free in using life.
4. Good color-rendering properties of light source and penetrability specialized in dust or fog environment.

5. Humanity and green environmental protection: its weight is only sixth of lead 2 acid miner’s lamp----about 500 gram. It is portable and easy use. No leakage, no empoison.portability: head lamp and battery is separate,the head is very light,

6.Economy:three times longer than lead and acid cap lamp and saving in maintenance makes the product more compatible in price

7.wate resistant:1m.

2) Main use
The product is portable. It can use in the mine where full of admixture of firedamp.

3 Magior technical specifications:

  Features                    KL4LM specifications

Rated capability                4.5Ah(li-ion battery)

Rated voltage                  3.6V

Continuous discharging  time     >15h

Main ligh LED working votage    3.2V

Main light LED working Current   0.25A

Main light power                1W

Main light Luminous flux         >40LM

Lamp lighting degree (after 11 >500Lux(distance in 1 meter)

Hours working time)

Main light Usage life hour         >30000h

Accessory light Usage life hour     100000h

Short circuit protect time          <15ms

Usage duration of battery          500recharges(in reasonable working condition)


Charging time                  <8hours

4 operation procedure

1.       Main LED and backup LED gyre switch:turn left ,Main LED on,turn right, backup LED on,


1.       Charger input:AC100-240V 50-60Hz,





2.       Manufacturer provide charger to user,please use it only


When long-term storage is needed,charging should be done within two months
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